Finding the right group to donate our coloring books and crayons to can be more difficult than you might think!  Large organizations have significant bureaucracy, and it often feels like they don't really want to bother with small donations.  A couple of the smaller places seem like perfect fits, but they are often limited on things like storage space.  We are really working hard to make sure that we accomplish our mission of getting our little coloring books into the hands of kids that just don't have much.  So when we were having dinner with friends last week, we were really excited to find out that their daughter worked for Denver Social Services.  We kept pinging them with questions until they finally said, "listen -- just call and speak with her!"  So Sunday, Joanie was able to drop off the first batch of coloring books w/crayons to the Children's Welfare Division of Denver Social Services.  They will be used in the daycare center that host children who's parents are trying to earn a living, but can't really afford traditional daycare.  We are SO excited about this organization and are confident our books will find their way into the hands of kids who will have a smile on their face when coloring them!