For those of you that ordered our Bronco Coloring book over the past week, we can't thank you enough!  For those who have received theirs, be thankful! 

We were just notified by our local podunk USPS office that our coloring books "don't qualify" for Media Mail pricing.  When we investigated the use of Media mail for our little business and set up this shipping method, we thought we were pretty clear that our books were eligible. 

Here is the exact definition of what is allowable from the USPS website;

"Media Mail rates are limited to the items listed below: Books (at least 8 pages). Sound recordings and video recordings, such as CDs and DVDs. Playscripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music."

We are clearly shipping a BOOK and it is 20 pages (meets the "at least 8 pages" criteria).   

However, when Joanie went to drop off another shipment at the local yocal post office, she was quickly taken aside and shown several large boxes of our packages that they were holding.  I guess they saw the return address (4x4 Coloring Books) and deduced we were, in fact, shipping Coloring Books. They told her that although the definition is as states above, according to the detailed regulations found in USPS DMM 173.3.2. Notice 121 (what the heck - why didn't we read that regulation? LOL), our books didn't qualify.  So we were told to go back and re-purchase shipping and re-send our books.  

So what does this mean to you, our awesome customers who haven't seen their book yet?  Well, there has just been a slight delay.  All packages are getting re-shipped today and tomorrow.  We'll be paying about 30% more for shipping going forward, but it's a lesson learned and nothing's changed except the amount of money out of our pocket to continue the donations to kids. Small price to pay for the smiles we will generate.  

In the future, we'll make sure we print full copies of USPS regulations and recite them in our sleep -- Or NOT!  LOL  

Again -- Sorry for the delay, but your books are on their way!

Scott and Joan